Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Defending My Honour

I have to protest. Mr Brew has made some wild accusations since my time here but frankly, that last one takes the biscuit. Granted, my previous attempts at posting blogs were laughably poor, but in my defence, I've been away from a computer for the best part of a month and I think I'm just feeling a bit computer-ropey (is that a phrase?)

Anywho, that wasn't the accusation that I'm wishing to protest against. Oh no. It's the comments about Pro Evo that have left me a little miffed. Whilst it's true that Simon did beat me yesterday, I feel slightly miffed that he hasn't acknowledged that I've blatantly been running him far closer than before and just recently, have been banging some glorious goals past Robinson and taking some fine victories in the process.

Didn't acknowledge any of that did you Mr Brew? Sorry, boss.

Anyway, I wanted to say that top podcasts of the week in my eyes are all BBC ones. Fighting Talk and Sportsweek from Radio Five and From Our Own Correspondant from Radio Four. Points for the most annoying one definately go to Radio Five's Mark Kermode Film Reviews podcast. Just awful. Mark Kermode is possibly the most annoying human being on earth. Stay clear of his pretentious pap.



At 3:39 AM, Blogger Micro Mart said...

See how Mark manages to post his entry after mine, and he still messes the time up, so it appears that he's chronologically posted before I did.

The fool.



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